Main Street Square Private Rental

Updated November 7, 2017

Entire Square with 1/2 Alley:

  • $1,280 first two hours AND
  • $480 each additional hour

Black Hills (B) or Badlands (C) or Oval Lawn (D): 

  • $430 for first two hours AND
  • $160 for each additional hour

Two (2) Staff Members are required at $30 each per hour (2) hour minimum for each event. 
Additional staff may be added as seen fit by Main Street Square depending on the size of the event. Main Street Square Staff is required at all events to ensure cleanliness and safety of the grounds. 

Rental includes use of one wireless microphone, sound system, projection screen and fencing (fencing is included but optional). This does not include bar use, sound technician and additional equipment, including but not limited to, tables, chairs, tents, etc. Once confirmed, events held at Main Street Square will be listed on the website calendar. 

**All fees include tax

Map Key
(A) Alley
(B) Black Hills
(C) Badlands
(D) Oval Lawn


  • During ice rink operation, the entire square is not available for rent.
  • Sections B and C cannot be rented together, with the exception of renting the entire Square.
  • The public interactive fountain, restrooms, parts of the alleyway, sidewalks, street corners, and area immediately in front of businesses neighboring Main Street Square are not available for rent. 

Private Event Rental Policies
1. Main Street Square will set-up and teardown all Main Street Square tents, tables, chairs, for your event. Main Street Square is responsible for the coordination of all trash removal.
2. Renters may set-up their own equipment, decorations and sound equipment.

a. Set-up and teardown needs are the responsibility of the renter.     

3. Events that charge an admission fee will be considered a private rental. 
4. Cut-off times for Main Street Square Events vary. All events shall comply with the City of Rapid City noise ordinances and Main Street Square schedule. Please contact a staff member for more information.
5. Beer and wine is available for sale at the Square if coordinated in advance. All alcohol distributed must be through Main Street Square and no outside alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto the plaza by the rental party or caterer without prior approval. Orders must be received at least thirty (30) days in advance.
6. Main Street Square will work with any caterer, DJ, limo service, florist, equipment rental company, etc. the renter chooses. If the renter would like a list of our preferred partners, Main Street Square staff can supply one. These arrangements are the sole responsibility of the renter. Renter must also communicate these arrangements and deliveries to Main Street Square staff.
7. A non-refundable deposit of the Square rental rate is required to reserve your date. The remaining balance (including any additional charges added on the day of the event) will be billed immediately following the event with full payment due to Main Street Square thirty (30) days after receipt of invoice.
a. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
b. Main Street Square offers a 10% discount to non-profits on private rates only. Renter must provide documentation of non-profit status.
c. Cancellations or date changes to your event date must be submitted ninety (90) days in advance to receive a full refund. Cancellations or date changes received 60-89 days in advance will be given 50% of payments back. Cancellations thereafter are nonrefundable. The rental deposit is non-refundable in all cases.
d. There are no refunds if inclement weather occurs on the day of your event. But, Main Street Square will work with Renters for contingency plans prior to your event. Renters are responsible for renting tents or shelter in advance to use if needed.
8. Date changes are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.
9. Proof of liability of insurance is required for all event rentals, with coverage of at least $1,000,000 for the day of the event, with Main Street Square as an additional insured. The certificate must be provided to the venue no later than thirty (30) days prior to your event. Renter’s insurance companies shall state Main Street Square will be held harmless with respect to any liability arising out of or relating from use of Main Street Square. To obtain this insurance, we recommend contacting your insurance company. If that is not an option, we recommend obtaining the insurance through companies such as www.theeventhelper.com.
a. Any damage caused to Main Street Square grounds and/or equipment during the event will be billed to the renter and/or their insurance policy holder.
10. Bird seed, confetti, rice, glitter, and loose artificial flower petals are not allowed in any area of Main Street Square.
11. Lit candles are allowed only upon written approval by Main Street Square.
12. Main Street Square will try to accommodate rentals as the sole renters of the premises. As a public venue, Main Street Square cannot guarantee the exclusivity of any rental event. Main Street Square will not be held liable for distractions or disturbances. Additional fencing is recommended.
13. The interactive fountains are a public space and they will remain on during all events. Both the fountains and/or the sound/music may be turned off in specific cases with written approval from Main Street Square.

All rates, regulations and rules are subject to change without notice.