Main Street Square Event Policies

Updated November 7, 2017

Public and Private Events
Main Street Square is a facility for the Rapid City community and its visitors. Groups who desire to hold a social, educational, or community oriented function must have prior written approval by Main Street Square. Guaranteed space is determined by the availability of the staff and schedule of Main Street Square. 

All events must be approved by Main Street Square at least 30 days in advance. All events will be secured with a deposit, insurance and a contract. Main Street Square has the right to refuse any event that does not coincide with our policies and procedures. 

Private events on Main Street Square are permitted. All private events will be assessed a rental fee dependent on areas and duration used. The general public will not be allowed into the rented area by use of signs and/or fencing. The interactive fountains, restrooms, parts of the alleyway, sidewalks, street corners, and area immediately in front of businesses neighboring Main Street Square will not be available for rent. If use of Main Street Square equipment, sound system, staffing, or other resources are required, additional charges may apply. All events that charge an admission fee will be considered private. 

Public events by organizations or individuals other than Main Street Square are allowed with an assessment of a rental fee. These events must benefit the general public and should be free of charge to the public while following our policies and procedures. If use of Main Street Square equipment, sound system, staffing, or other resources are required additional charges may apply. 

A group of persons gathering on the square in the form of a study group, meeting, lunch or other small informal event are welcome to use the space at their leisure without rental fees. Main Street Square may ask any party to vacate the premises as deemed fit. 

All events and activities on the site cannot impact or alter the plaza’s structure or grounds. For a full list of restrictions please contact Main Street Square. Although, Main Street Square is an independent, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, Rapid City ordinances are followed for all events and activities. All materials brought onto Main Street Square must be approved and removed after the event. 

Concerts and Performances
Main Street Square may allow artists to play instruments or perform to the general public. Artists will not be compensated if they desire to perform at their own will and cannot charge square patrons for their performance. All performers must clear their performance with Main Street Square staff to avoid multiple performers at the same time and to ensure performances do not conflict with any other public or private events on the square. The use of Main Street Square equipment or sound system may be subject to fees. Main Street Square reserves the right to refuse any performance on the square.