Ice Rink Policies

  1. Those participating in facility activities assume all inherent risks and responsibilities whether spectator or participant.
  2. No alcohol or tobacco products are permitted in this facility.
  3. Users of this facility are responsible for the supervision and conduct of participants and spectators, both on and off the ice.
  4. Absolutely no one is allowed on the ice during resurfacing times.
  5. Consumption of food and beverages is prohibited on the ice.
  6. Acts of vandalism to the grounds should be reported immediately. Vandals will be held liable for the full amount of damages caused.
  7. Your assistance is requested in maintaining the appearance of this area. Please put trash and litter in designated containers.
  8. The facility or its management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  9. The use of sticks, pucks or balls in the Off Ice Areas of this facility is prohibited.
  10. Rollerblading or Skateboarding is not allowed.
  11. Please observe all posted Rules and Regulations.

Public Skating/Ice Rink Rules

  1. Skate under control to avoid collisions and watch out for small children.
  2. No speeding, playing tag, racing, "Cracking the Whip," or skating against traffic.
  3. No hockey sticks or pucks allowed on the ice during Public Skating Sessions unless approved by a Rink Supervisor or Manager.
  4. No carrying small children while skating.
  5. Figure skating and backward skating in designated areas only during Public Skating Sessions. No jumps or leg kicks permitted.
  6. Obey staff and rink ambassadors. Staff is responsible for monitoring conduct on/off the rink and providing assistance to patrons.
  7. No "checking" or rough play permitted during skating sessions.
  8. Helmets and protective gear must be worn during hockey sessions.
  9. No skates may be worn off of the rubber mats unless equipped with protective skate guards.
  10. Please observe rules of good sportsmanship and conduct both on and off the ice.
  11. No lifting the puck above the knees and no slapshots.