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Fact 3

The Kidz Zone provides 4,000 minutes of bubble-chasing fun for families.


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Fact 15

The oval lawn provides 217 days for visitors to gather, picnic, and enjoy Downtown Rapid City

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Fact 10

Destination Rapid City purchased 14 graffiti-resistant traffic box wraps for Downtown, featuring work from local artists.

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Fact 5

The Downtown Clean Team empties 112 recycling bins year-round. 

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Fact 4

The Downtown Clean Team waters 128 flower installments daily in the summer.

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Fact 2

The Downtown Clean Team maintains cleanliness and beautification of Downtown’s 52 blocks, weekly.

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Fact 13

Main Street Square supports an average of 35 community organizations through volunteer opportunities, working with more than 500 volunteers annually.

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Fact 8

Main Street Square staff serves as daily ambassadors of Downtown for our community.

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Fact 11

Volunteers hide more than 10,000 Easter eggs in Memorial Park for Eggstravaganza’s free Easter egg hunt.

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Fact 7

The Kidz Zone hosts more than 6,000 children in each summer. 

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Fact 16

All of Main Street Square's efforts are accomplished WITHOUT your household tax dollars. 

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Fact 12

The interactive fountains provide 1,596 hours of splashing fun for families throughout the summer.

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Fact 9

The Downtown Clean Team cleans downtown alleys, including Art Alley, by removing trash (including furniture) daily.

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Fact 6

The Downtown Clean Team recycles an average of 1,800 gallons per week in the summer months. 

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Fact 1

Main Street Square provides fun for 600,000 visitors and host more than 200 free public events annually 

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Fact 14

Main Street Square strings 3,000 lights on the Main Street Square holiday tree.

Friends of the Square


Who funds Main Street Square?

Main Street Square is a nonprofit organization in the heart of downtown Rapid City that connects the community together in all facets through events, art, and culture for a more vibrant city center.

Main Street Square is a 501(c)3 organization that was established to enrich the community and its visitors by offering a central gathering place that hosts a wide variety of events and activities to build a stronger Rapid City. Main Street Square and its employees play a large part in the maintenance of Downtown, and in the advocacy and implementation of downtown community projects. Main Street Square also provides free programming throughout the year, partnering with local community organizations. All of this is accomplished WITHOUT your household tax dollars. 

Main Street Square operates on a $1.2 million budget which is accomplished through donations, sponsorships and event revenue. Additionally, Main Street Square currently receives $120,000 from the local Downtown Business Improvement District tax assessment. In return, Main Street Square manages the Downtown BID funds under the direction of the Downtown BID Board and spearheads downtown improvement projects that are accomplished with the remaining BID funds.

Community improvement projects such as the Memorial Park Promenade, linking the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to downtown, promote economic growth and development. Main Street Square partners with downtown businesses to bolster their economic growth for the betterment of our locals and visitors.

The goal of the Main Street Square plaza is to foster a sense of community ownership allowing the plaza to really be the living room of Downtown Rapid City. Locals and visitors are encouraged to gather and create memories in a free, fun atmosphere. It is a place where people from all walks of life can connect, and feel at home. Main Street Square is truly your Square.

We need your help to keep community events free to the public, to keep downtown clean and safe and to ensure that Main Street Square is viable for generations to come. Your support secures the vision and the future of our downtown and our community. 

We ask that you help us accomplish our VISION FOR THE FUTURE with a donation to Main Street Square’s Friends of the Square program. Click below to support your Square.

Be a part of history by becoming a Friend of the Square to Downtown Rapid City's gathering place. Your tax-deductible donation supports and maintains Main Street Square and Downtown Rapid City as a vibrant destination for Black Hills residents and visitors, and helps to plan and execute events including concerts, festivals, ice skating, live theatre, movies and more.

Become a Friend and Support Your Square 

Don't want to give online? No problem! Call us at 605-716-7979 to become a Friend of the Square right now.